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What's the next step?

The next stage depends on how far you want to take the track day hobby.

A proper track day car will allow you to really get into performance track driving.  A car built just for track days needn't be too expensive either.  Here are some key points to think about when choosing and building a track car.

Driving quickly on track is all about handling and acceleration.

Lightness = better handling and faster acceleration - losing weight costs nothing

Smaller cars are easier to get higher power to weight ratios

Popular cars will have more 2nd hand performance parts and cheaper performance parts

Bucket seats really help you stay in control on fast corners

Tyres are everything - buy the best you can afford

Coil over shock absorbers coupled with polybushes and strut braces transform the handling

It really is down to how much you want to spend.

You can buy a fully prepared track car from somewhere like ebay from around £750 for something fairly basic.  You could build something fairly decent including the cost of the donor car for around £1500.  My V6 MG ZS was built for under £1500, in fact one of the most expensive things was the graphics.  The Pumesta has cost around £2000 but that is over a period of a few years.  Finally the Puma has cost around £1000 so far but needs about the same again spending to finish it.

These costs are based on you doing the work yourself.  Most of what you need to do can be done by most DIY competent mechanics with a minimum of tools.