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How much will it cost?

Track days vary from track to track and depending on the time of year.  Summer months tend to cost a little more than winter.  During the summer months some circuits also do evening sessions which can be a lot cheaper.

Airfield circuits tend to be the cheapest starting at around £99 for a full days open pit lane.
Well known circuits such as Cadwell park, Oulton Park Croft etc vary between £149 - £199 for a full day.
International ciruits such as Donnington or Silverston are the most expensive from around £230 - £350 for the day.

Other costs

Fuel, often overlooked when budgeting a track day.  You will need enough fuel to get to the circuit and back but also enough fuel for a full days spirited driving.  It's a good idea to take a 20 -25 litre fuel carrier as a back up if your enjoying yourself too much.  Some circuits do sell fuel on site but it can be very expensive.

Food and drink, again most circuits have catering which varies from a burger van through to some very nice cafe's.  If you buy food on site it will be more expensive than bringing your own.

Instruction -hiring the instructor usually costs around £20 for 20 minutes

Passengers - you can usually book passengers on at the time of booking your car but most places will allow you to pay for additional passengers on the day.  Usually between £5 and £15 per passenger.

Additional Drivers - More than one driver can drive the same car at a track day.  This is a good way of sharing the costs although I wouldn't recommend more than 3 drivers per car to give the car chance to rest but allowing you all plenty of track time.  Extra drivers cost between £20 and £30 per person.

Photo's - Most circuits have professional photographers who take hi res images throughout the day.  The more you are on circuit the more photos of you they will take.  Prices vary a lot £30 - £50 is the average for a CD with all your track photo's.

This is all assuming you use your current road car unmodified