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Nathan Maxted - head mechanic, co-owner

Nathan is the eldest son of the owner  and one of the most dedicated workers I have ever known.  Nathan has never had a day off sick in the 9 years he has worked as a mechanic....amazing.  Nathan is also very pro family, standing by his two other brothers and his sister and is immensly proud of his young nephew.  Nathan has his own daughter  with his partner Joanne.

The garage is Nathans home.  He is and has never been happier than working on a car.  From the age of 13 he spent all of his free time working at a local garage earning a few quid whilst learning the trade.  This stood him in great stead during his apprenticeship as he was streets ahead of  not only the college course but all of his peers.  After all he had 3 years experience on all of his classmates.

Nathan completed his apprenticeship under the leadership of Tony Hudson Autos with whom he built a fanstastic working relationship.  Nathan was entrusted with running the garage whilst the owner was on holiday or out on business, a level of trust belying his years.

Nathan specialises in MG Rovers but is also an expert in Peugeot and Citreon hatchbacks and of course his beloved Ford Fiesta track car.  His attention to detail and perfectionism has led him to build some spectacular show cars with blistering performance.  Nathan excells at tuning hot hatches and has a good nose for what the current trends in tuning are.  His advice on accessories, in car entertainment and performance tuning will appeal to a new customer base, taking the business in an exciting new direction.

Nathan too is a motorcycle enthusiast but more so for the lower cc bikes.  He has some expert knowledge of automatic scooters and has also built several high performance 125cc motorcycles and scooters.  Speed and looks are all important to Nathan, this is the language he responds best to.

Nathan is an accomplished driver, not only of just about every type of vehicle on the road but off road as well.  An accomplished off road motorcyclist and performance car driver.  See his interesting fact.

Nathans interesting facts: Nathan is also a Thai boxing expert having had many semi - professional fight and a perfect unbeaten record.

Nathan was also asked to drive for Team Centa Bavaria in the Gravity race challenge of Dalby Forest where he was 3rd fastest driver.

Watch the event here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUGpdhkNwSw&feature=player_detailpage#t=371s